Creating sculptures and paintings which are abstract and figurative, engineered and organic, my work explores contemporary issues of global concern with a smattering of psychological insight. The serious issues the sculptures and paintings tackle such as militarism, feminism, racism, and capitalism are humorously contrasted with fabric and paint made of lively colors, patterns and textures. Open and dynamic, hanging from the ceiling and walls , in addition to occupying the floor, my animated sculptures and paintings use their strong bodily references to assert their presence and power in this world.


Fashioning a shizophrenic fusion reflecting the tensions of daily life, my recent paintings mix sensually stuffed fabric with gaping holes. Along with my mixed media fabric and stitched drawings, these paintings and sculptures merge body art with the use of unconventional feminine materials to form a new hybrid. I use a visual language which combines textiles, photographs, and found materials from Africa to Asia to South America to underscore our universality. Taking inspiration from Rembrandt to Bourgeois, and from Japanese woodcuts to conceptualism my dialogue with the history of painting and sculpture invites viewers into a new world where imagination and wit reign supreme.